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Algorized Selected for Prestigious Plug and Play Japan Accelerator Program

10 Jul 2024

Plug and Play Japan Accelerator Program connects startups with large corporations to drive innovation, enabling Algorized's expansion and growth across mobility, robotics and industrial automation sectors in Japan

Algorized, a deeptech start-up specializing in advanced people sensing and positioning software platform with AI, is proud to announce its selection for the Summer/Fall 2024 Batch of the prestigious Plug and Play Japan Accelerator Program. This program, running from June to September 2024, aims to drive innovation by connecting promising startups with leading corporations in Japan.


Plug and Play Japan's Accelerator Program is designed to facilitate the exchange of cutting-edge innovation information and create networking opportunities. By participating, Algorized gains access to its unique resources and events which reinforces Algorized business collaboration with mobility, robitics and industrial automation.


"We are thrilled to be a part of the Plug and Plan Japan Accelerator Program," said Natalya Lopareva, CEO of Algorized. "This opportunity will accelerate our growth and foster valuable collaborations with major automotive and industrial corporations in Japan."


Algorized presents its UWB sensor agnostic AI software capable to detect and track people and their vital signs such as breathing and heart rate to Plug and Play Japan Corporate partners on July 18th 2024 at a program exclusive event at the City Hall & Gallery Gotanda in Tokyo.


For more information about Algorized and its participation visit the Plug and Play Japan Accelerator Program, 日本語版.


About Plug and Play Japan's Accelerator Program

Plug and Play Japan provides accelerator programs to accelerate innovation by connecting Plug and Play Japan's corporate partners with Japanese and international startups. Through these programs, corporate partners are able to connect with participating startups with technologies and services that could accelerate their innovation activities. For startups, they have the opportunity to collaborate with a wide range of major corporations. It is a great opportunity to get the latest updates on innovative technologies, meet cutting-edge startups, and develop new business partnerships. Visit Plug and Play Tech Center Japan.


About Algorized

Backed by years of academic research, Algorized enables a new world of sensing and positioning applications through a software-only upgrade to existing commodity sensors. The Algorized platform uses proprietary ML and algorithms to unlock a massive amount of data available to its customers, including real-time accurate positioning, vital sign detection in any physical environment. Current customers are working to build solutions in trillion dollar industries ranging from automotive to robotics and beyond. Visit Algorized.

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