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Algorized Unveils Groundbreaking Sensing Technology at CES'24

5 Jan 2024

Revolutionizing Presence Detection for In-Cabin Automotive with Qorvo Ultra-Wideband Radar

Algorized, a prominent participant in the Berkeley SkyDeck Cohort at CES 2024, is thrilled to announce that in partnership with Qorvo, it will showcase its cutting-edge solution for in-cabin sensing applications such as child presence detection during CES 2024 using Qorvo’s Ultra-Wideband Radar chipset.

By leveraging its state-of-the-art technology, Algorized's platforms boast the remarkable ability to simultaneously detect the vital states of multiple individuals, distinguishing between adults and children. Algorized’s platforms will be demonstrated at CES 2024 in real time with the Qorvo Ultra-Wideband Radar chip and EuroNCAP certified dummy from 4activeSystems in collaboration with AISIN Europe.


"We are excited to unveil our revolutionary sensing technology, a culmination of relentless dedication and innovation by the entire Algorized team,” said Algorized CEO, Natalya Lopareva. “Our software goes beyond conventional perception, providing a comprehensive understanding of both objects and individuals within any environment. In a strategic move, we have forged collaborations with IC manufacturers in the automotive industry, focusing on in-cabin sensing applications such as child presence detection. Algorized software seamlessly integrates with Qorvo’s Ultra-Wideband Radar chip, ensuring unparalleled accuracy and reliability.”


Gorden Cook, general manager of Qorvo’s Automotive Connectivity business, said “Qorvo is thrilled to partner with Algorized in bringing forth new and exciting use cases for Ultra-Wideband in automotive. Our automotive certified UWB chipset is designed to support emerging UWB radar applications beyond secure car access, like presence and proximity detection, collision avoidance and enhanced accessibility. With the increased traction we’re seeing in the automotive market, we look forward to our continued partnership and establishing UWB radar as a must-have technology.”


Algorized’s sensing technology not only transforms the automotive and mobility sectors but also extends its impact to consumer electronics, addressing the growing demand for utilization of radar capabilities and sensors that combine cameras with precise radar measurements.


To showcase the groundbreaking capabilities of its sensing technology, Algorized is set to exhibit at CES 2024, one of the world's premier technology trade shows. The live demonstration will take place at the swisstech pavilion Booth #62833 at Eureka Park, featuring real-time detection of vital signs across all vehicle rows using the Ultra-Wideband Radar (UWB) from Qorvo and EuroNCAP certified dummy from 4activeSystems. The presentation is scheduled for January 9 – 12, 2024, at 12:30 pm CST on the main stage.


For media inquiries, please contact:


Natalya Lopareva


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About Algorized

Algorized is a forward-thinking startup, specializing in advanced sensing technology, leveraging algorithms and Ultra-Wide Band Radar sensors for accurate objects detection, presence sensing and vital signs detection in any environment, and through obstacles. As a proud participant in the Berkeley SkyDeck Cohort, Algorized is committed to pushing the boundaries of innovation in the fields of mobility, robotics and consumer electronics. Visit

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